What the fans are saying

“Every year [The Dark Manor] provides excellent attractions with an all-star cast!” – Jon C. – Farmington, CT

“I love how long [The Dark Manor] is!  I’ve never been in a haunted house before that has so many different parts and is actually SCARY!  I have been to my fair share of haunted houses and [The Dark Manor] is by far my favorite!” – Shana S. – West Springfield, CT

“I have a high tolerance for fear.  My favorite thing about [The Dark Manor] is that I was actually afraid.  It was awesome!” – Nicole C. – Providence, RI

“[The Dark Manor] does an outstanding job every year.  I try to go every weekend if I can.  The make up and the special effects [The Dark Manor] has is amazing.  I’m never disappointed.  I tell all my friends to check y’all out.  Thanks for being the best haunted house around!” – Marcus B. – East Hartford, CT

“My favorite thing about The Dark Manor is that I’m actually scared.  So many places have censored their rides and attractions to the point that they’re not scary.  The Dark Manor is sooooo scary and so much fun.  [I] can’t wait to go again!!!!!!!” – Sara H. – Putnam, CT

What the Press are saying

Voted Connecticut’s #1 Haunted Attraction 8 years in a row by The Venue News Readers Poll! Beware, the terror behind the walls of The Dark Manor will send chills through your soul! Every year the props, theatrics, and performers get better; always changing to deliver total fear and mayhem!
The Venue Newspaper

“They have returned scarier than ever. The Dark Manor will be your journey into another world of terror.”
The Norwich Bulletin

“I’ve never been to anything like it – it’s SO scary.”
The Reminder

“The anticipation is pretty high this year – this is the scariest haunted house in Connecticut.” –
The Norwich Bulletin